Diamonds & petals wedding cake

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  • Diamonds and petals wedding cake

Every bride has so many sources of inspiration for wedding ideas, themes, table decorations, flower arrangements, and of course, wedding cake. Sometimes brides end up settling for second best when it come to the wedding cake simple because there are so many other things to worry about.

At CakeItUp™, we’re prepared for the problems associated with choosing the right cake for your wedding. We understand the difficulties involved. Your wedding day should be as perfect as possible, and so should your wedding cake—inside and out. The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception, with elegant accents that combine everything important to you and your fiance… your colors, your wedding theme, your expectations, and even the mood of your guests.

Choosing the right wedding cake design can be just as difficult as choosing the right wedding dress, and there is no way back after you’ve made up your mind. The Diamonds & petals wedding cake was created uniquely for our bride, Tara, and her unique vision of her dream wedding. Every detail that she wanted was arranged in the perfect way. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to sit side-by-side with her, exchanging ideas, while sketching possible cake designs, while approving, or literally, erasing various options. In the end, the dream wedding cake came together before her eyes, and it was the sweetest moment for all of us—the bride was looking at a sketch of the cake of her dreams!

Creating and designing a unique wedding cake takes time, patience, lots of ideas, and an open mind and friendly atmosphere—you’ll find all of these at CakeItUp™. There is no high pressure sales pitch, and we are dedicated to working with the ideas that you bring to the table. We are always committed to helping you to find just the right design for your perfect wedding cake. CakeItUp™ strives to make you happy through the entire process and confident in your final decision.

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